What Is Football?

Association football, sometimes called just football or just soccer, is an organized team game played between two teams of eleven players each. It’s played every half hour of every day in about 200 countries and economies, making it the most popular sport in the world. The game is often played by young children, with the sport being especially popular in Europe and in South America. Youth leagues are currently being actively organized in the United States.

The object of Association football is for the teams to kick the ball around an imaginary field, attempting to put it into the goal using a net or other special goal-post. While this sounds like a simple game, the sheer number of movements required to play the sport make it one of the more complicated sports in the world. The object is not simply to kick the ball as far as possible; the game requires numerous different types of plays, and players must be able to change positions quickly and efficiently. While soccer is typically played on a rectangular field with three or four penalty boxes, association football includes a variety of unique formats, including those shaped like obelisks (a type of pyramid) and hexagons (a figure whose corners resemble the letter “A”).

When kicking the ball, it is important to use both feet. The ball must travel at least one yard over the surface of the playing surface, or if it is played on an “M” shaped field, at least two yards onto the M side of the field. Failing to kick the ball through any part of the goal post or even into any part of the opposing team’s goal may result in a penalty kick or, in extreme cases, a foul. Fouls usually occur during the last ten minutes of a regular game, when teams are near the end of the regular season, or when a team is involved in a playoff match.