The Game of Tennis

Tennis is an expensive racket game wherein a player hits a ball on a rail or on a cushion of some sort to hit it into a hole in the court and is then called “tennis.” Tennis is also a racquet sport which is played between two teams of 2 players each where each team uses a strung up tennis racket to hit a small hollow rubber ball (tennis ball) onto a cushion of any kind over or near the court and into the opposite opponent’s court. There are four players per team and there is a break time in the game for each side. The breaks are calling minutes, and there is only one break for each set. There are fourteen players for each set, and play is usually broken up into sets of three games with the breaks in between being called in a set.

In the early days of the game-tennis balls were hard, flat and thick like a soccer ball but with today’s technology and the discovery of titanium steel the tennis ball has become softer and a bit lighter. It is made of a material called titanium and has a cross-section that is concave which allows more spin to be built in to the ball. This allows the ball to have more bounce back from contact with the opponent’s racket. A further advantage to this is that the titanium serves much better than a wooden racket and hence tennis players can hit a harder ball for a longer period of time.

A tennis ball player stands between a ten and fifteen foot shot radius from the base of the rack to the tennis ball when at full speed. The length of a tennis court is about fifty meters. A match is normally a good one two hours after the completion of the first set but the tennis match can continue as long as normal tennis play is being conducted. Most matches in the tennis world are now finished after three to four hours if there are no ties. There have been very few matches won at the beginning of a set when the tennis ball was out of reach of either player.