Tennis Match

Tennis is a racket game in which a player hits a ball with a racquet that has been leaning on a string or chain between two hoops over or on a hardwood court surface. Tennis is a popular racket sport which is played between two teams of 2 players each, with each team using a separate tennis racket strung with thin cord or metal wire to hit an object ball, called a tennis ball, gently over or on a virtual tennis court. Unlike baseball, American football, rugby, hockey, cricket, basketball and others, tennis involves no physical contact with the opponent and no helmets are worn during a tennis match. However, tennis is a well-known and widely played sport in many countries and is one of the most competitive sports today. This is because the game requires great hand-eye coordination as well as endurance and agility and is often considered a masculine sport.

The game of tennis is divided into singles and doubles. In singles play, two competitors play against each other in singles matches. In doubles play, four players are paired together in pairs. A winner in singles and a winner in doubles would determine the winner of the game and the player or team finishing first in the event of a tie breaker.

In doubles, when a team wins the first set, the next doubles will have an advantage over the other team until the set is re-played. In singles, the team with the best record after the first set is deemed the “overall winner” and receives the first advantage set. The teams in the same doubles bracket play each other once before the tiebreak. If there is still a tie, the tied teams play each other in the final set. A tennis match is played between 2 players, no matter their ranking, at least once.