Tennis – An Overview

Tennis is a racket game which is played between two competing teams of two players each wherein each player utilizes a single tennis racket strung by metal string on a wooden court or on top of some other type of surface. Each player hits the ball with his/her racket, usually using a heavier stick than the one he/she is using for other games. Each time the ball is hit, the racket glides along the floor, touching the ball from above. The object of the game is to be the first player to bring the racket back to its original position on the ground before any other player does.

There are four different types of tennis: the singles, doubles, open, and the Memorial. In singles matches, there is only the two players against each other while in doubles matches, there are two people playing against each other and the two people play together. In open tennis, there are two mirrors positioned opposite each other on the tennis court which provide the doubles players with the upper and lower views of each other during their strokes. The Memorial tennis court is usually used for clay court matches while the grand slam tennis court is used for hard court matches only.

Serving is the most important aspect of winning a match in tennis. The serve is the tool that players use to hit the ball over the net. Most experienced tennis players tend to serve with a forehand while some players serve with a backhand. Serving techniques are highly individualized because different players have different serve techniques. A successful player must be able to control his/her serve to defeat his/her opponent.