All About Tennis

Tennis is a racket game in which a player hits a ball with a paddle or with a forehand or backhand. It is often played as a singles game with one player facing the opposite end of the court, and sometimes the other players are alternated. Tennis is now considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world. It was originally invented in the late 19th century in France and is today played by thousands of people around the world in doubles, singles, and even family and friend matches.

Each time that the player hits the ball, the racquet follows the momentum of the swing until it stops or changes direction. Tennis rules usually specify that when there are two competitors on opposite ends of the court, the one who hits the ball first is declared the winner. Each player on the court with a racquet has to abide by the tennis rules that have been put in place from the time that tennis was introduced to the present. Some of the different tennis rules that exist include the use of rackets, how many turns a player can make with his racquet, and of course the use of tennis clothing, such as shorts, shirts, and socks.

As the racquet is swung around the court, it is considered good technique if the ball follows spinners (smooth curves) and not lumps. For example, if a ball smacks the side of the court causing the player to backhand the ball then it is considered good technique to hit the ball back on the opposite side. Also, if the ball does not follow the spinners but rather comes in contact with the opposite wall then it is considered poor technique. A player can also win a match by hitting the ball into the opposite part of the net. Most players wear tennis ball clothes that cover their entire body.