A Look at the New Editor of Boxing News

Foundations. Boxing News is a British monthly magazine printed by Newsquest specialist media, a division of Gannett. It’s the longest running boxing magazine still in print, dating back toinusete date, though not since being published. The first issue was dedicated to a battle between James “the Colossus” Watson and Richard Webster in the Garden Stadium in London and has come to be widely considered the classic heavyweight fight with the added factor of Watson’s legendary status.

Boxing News features not only the big fight but also interviews from the fighters themselves including: Mikey Wacha, Jon Bon Jovi, Carl Froch, Kimbo Slice, Shawn Broussard, James Dean, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Oscar De la Renta, Ken Shamrock, Ray Stevens, Tae Bo and much more. The magazine also provides in depth reports on various sports, politics, health, racing, entertainments, fashion and lifestyle. Boxing News does not shy away from controversial stories or even offensive comments and in some cases they run afoul of the British government for example when one of the reporters tried to get an interview with Yanked candidate Nick Clegg because he was wearing a shirt that said “BOMB!”. They have also run afoul of the United States government with reporting on the Abu Ghaleb regime in Afghanistan and the jailing of the wife of a US soldier in Iran for seeking refuge there.

The new editor of boxing news, Declan “Sugar” Connelly has done a superb job of taking this great publication and making it even better. He has increased the amount of factual content and articles, introduced some interesting sections on fight analysis and have done a good job of keeping the style of the original magazine while expanding it. He has brought in some fresh faces such as Joe Lister and Shawn Kovacic as well as featuring some older fighters who might have been overlooked. In spite of all the changes, I think the quality of the news reports remains the same and that is why they are one of the best magazines covering boxing. I hope that the readers will continue to enjoy the hard-hitting action that goes on each day in the ring.